Are the proenza schouler designers dating

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So there's only one question left: It seems to me that there's a feeling of luxury that is a little less snobbish nowadays. It warmed my cold fashion heart. I still get that to this day.

Are the proenza schouler designers dating

They said, "You guys are together? We enjoy our lives and we have each other. In the same year, they collaborated with filmmaker Harmony Korine on their first original video, Act Da Fool , featuring the Fall collection. In , Proenza Schouler signed a new license agreement with Onward Luxury Group to produce their footwear collections. So who's the top and who's the bottom? We had met [Allure creative director] Paul Cavaco once at [gay sing-along piano bar] Marie's Crisis, and so we were like, "Maybe we should call that guy in fashion we see at Marie's Crisis. I don't understand how we would do the transcontinental thing of working for another house. I think one of the sweetest Proenza moments was when you won the CFDA award and Lazaro said, "Our dreams have come true and I get to share it with the person I love," or something to that effect. What did Paul sing? I think more people are interested in fashion as a thing, and by definition you have to become a little more inclusive. We fit everything ourselves. I got a little teary. The more we sell, the more creative we can be, the more fun we can have. And I think a lot more designers are more open to growing a business, whereas before it was purely an artistic endeavor. And we never really had any plans. We follow through from the beginning to the very end. The exhibit allowed consumers to explore the world of Proenza Schouler through a display of 80 looks from past runway collections, a documentary about the brand, and an interactive 3-D cub installation. Also, not a lot of people have proven they can do two fashion labels simultaneously. We understand that to be creative, we also need to sell. This switch changed the location of their runway shows from New York to Paris, and merged their main and pre-collections, only showing twice a year. So while we still want that integrity and purity, we're not against the commercial reality. We draw every single look. We would have to sacrifice something. Or maybe we should leave that one a mystery! A lot of people were surprised by that.

Are the proenza schouler designers dating

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  1. The more we sell, the more creative we can be, the more fun we can have. We enjoy our lives and we have each other.

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