Aikido wooden weapons

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Every time someone lines up with my weapon they hold it incorrectly because they're looking for the tip. Bo is a wooden or a bamboo staff which is more than cm long. The older wood will appear dry and develop cracks usually beginning with a grain separation in areas of repeated impact - a sure sign that the weapon is weakening. This material is generically known as Compreg compressed, impregnated wood.

Aikido wooden weapons

Jo is applied for making direct poking blows and chop down blows at the body and legs, and it is also used for blocking. Kashi is uniformly hard, has excellent dent resistance and has better impact strength than American Oaks. Purpleheart is extremely stable and lends itself to long, slender weapons where a less stable material would usually develop noticeable warpage. Indigenous to the American Southwest, the wood has a superb strength and was highly prized by Native Americans for archery bows and is still coveted by traditional bowyers. I haven't worked with it long enough, but I don't want to work in paired practice against it - the edges are going to mar my jo. Varieties from New England, the Midwest, Great Lakes and Southwest, including the closely related Pecan Wood, produce lumber comparable in quality to many other North American hardwoods as shown in the preceding impact and density charts. There are two drawbacks relevant to its use in wooden weapons: Weapons of LRC have several notable benefits. While Oaks appear to become brittle with age, Weapon Grade Hickory retains its toughness. Use a sanding block if needed. Remember to use good safety habits like wearing eye, face and hand protection. These thinner planks include mechanically inferior species of Northern and Western hickories with the added risk of structural damage caused by faster drying schedules. Under the name Kingfisher Woodworks , James Goedkoop has produced thousands of practice weapons for aikido practice and the sword related martial arts. But this would be the exception rather than the norm. Boiled linseed oil is the most commonly used finish. An unexpected, complete break may create a dangerous situation. The last consideration, as it relates to paired practice may be said of any of the very hard and dense materials in general: Osage Orange No discussion of wood, selected for weight and strength, is complete without mention of Osage Orange, an unusual North American hardwood with a unique heritage. Its high shock strengh and availabiliy in thick, long pieces, making it a good contender for wooden Bo staff. It has a flat, graceful grain structure and a smooth texture with good density. I cannot remember a situation where the tsuba would have saved my fingers. This material, like other tropical woods is not recommended for daily practice or casual use due to its scarcity and unique character. I re-finish my personal weapons twice a year. For the first time bokken was used by swordsman Miyamoto Musashi — for trainings and fights not to kill the rivals. These are usually custom weapons since the material cost can be quite pricey!

Aikido wooden weapons

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  1. Ash is noted for its stability. Most wood with high specific gravity is tropical in origin the laminated composite shown in the charts comes from reasonably well managed domestic sources but is expensive nonetheless.

  2. Also, like other Oaks, it seems to lose strength as it ages. A bo length is chosen individually according to a person's height.

  3. If they are left dormant for extended periods I would recumbent laying them flat and in a place out of extreme temperatures. Literally a naginata means a "long sword".

  4. Jo is a light, smooth wooden pole with a length of cm which is used in many Japanese martial arts including Aikido. In some cases, a wooden sword is intended to approach the actual weight of a real sword and higher density materials specific gravity greater than 1 are required but these weapons should not be used for routine practice.

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