538 podcast

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The team looks at the Republicans vying to challenge him in West Virginia. The team looks at the candidates and polling in the Virginia governor's race and Alabama's special Senate race. They also debate the merits of census's new citizenship question. They also imagine a court with Roberts in the ideological middle.

538 podcast

The podcast team reacts. Clare and Galen compare the candidates in what's become a contentious Democratic primary. The Upset Of The Season: Over a hundred ballot measures are also up for a vote. Emergency Podcast - Government Shutdown: The podcast team discusses what that will mean for the midterms. They also play a round of political "would you rather? FiveThirtyEight brings you a deep dive into what is at stake. The crew reacts to the results and discusses the trends so far in the primaries. Who's Running In ?: The team discusses the most important races to watch. McCain Is A No: In the third installment of our series, we look at racial gerrymandering. They also discuss the special election in Arizona and how to responsibly cover polls. In the second installment of our gerrymandering series we look at a Supreme Court case that could reshape how we draw political boundaries. The podcast team also looks at the latest in the Alabama special Senate race. They also sort through new data on how Trump voters' views have evolved or not since The podcast team discusses what that means for Arizona and the GOP. They also look at public opinion of the recent U. The team weighs the political and policy implications and follow up on the fallout from Michael Flynn's guilty plea. The Forecasts Are Diverging: The Ultimate Romney-Clinton District: The Inspector General's Report: The Campaign Ads Dominating The team looks at which topics are mentioned the most in order to understand the parties' priorities.

538 podcast

The podcast answer sizes pidcast her wife. Is Precedence The Issue of ?: Out If Trump Fired Mueller?: The whisper reacts to the direction. Our Bidding Down Resolutions:. 538 podcast

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