2001 chevy malibu starting problems

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Reading on this forum I've seen it mentioned that the ignition switch and the cylinder are problematic. The car ran and had no more issues cranking. Asked by Stephanie Mar 15, at Wait for 10 minutes or until the security light turns off.

2001 chevy malibu starting problems

Would the fuel filter cause something like this? Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery would bring the power back. When performing this relearn, all previously learned keys will be erased. Turn the key counterclockwise to unlock the door again. I came home tonight, had to run to store, got in car to leave and the car did the same thing again. Vehicle has now learned the new password. Repeat steps 12 through 14 for any additional keys. I began to google my symptoms and came across the anti theft issues. It would just crack. This also apparently fixed some misc. Not sure what to check next. The passenger side window button didn't work, the car horn does a quick honk about a second after you switch it from drive into park? When the key is turned in the lock cylinder, the magnet creates a signal on the Hall effect sensor. I don't know yet if the dealership will reimburse me for replacing this stuff myself, and I don't know if there's something else I should look at before replacing the cylinder myself. The transponder transmits a unique signature to the theft deterrent control module. The air filter is in there, that flex accordion hose goes to the engine, there will be another opening, not shown in this but it's a start to get you in the right direction, I don't know if tenspeed had in mind for you to take the filter out then squirt, some guys do that, some mechanics don't bother and squirt it right in the intake and let the starting fluid pass right through the filter it can be done either way but the ether is really not too good a thing to get on your filter but it evaporates very very rapidly 16 people found this helpful. Additional keys may be relearned immediately after the first key has been learned by inserting the additional key and turning the ignition switch to on within 10 seconds of removing the previously learned key. Automatic transmission 90, miles I started having the "theft light" problems with my car this summer where the car was working fine and then suddenly would not start. We replaced the ignition switch not the cylinder though. It should happen fairly quickly. Passlock — coded lock cylinder The Passlock anti-theft system requires the presence of a key in the lock cylinder to enable starting. Turn the key counterclockwise. Asked by Stephanie Mar 15, at I'm not sure it will work with other cars but it would be simple enough to try out and won't cost you anything at all. I can hear the pump run a little bit once the key is turned on and I know it builds some pressure because after the key is turned on I am able to get fuel coming out of the fuel rail relieve valve.

2001 chevy malibu starting problems

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  1. I read about everyone else's problems here and there was one post that said that the issue always happened with his wife using the spare key. Could it be the main computer?

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