10 romance movies

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The story, however, told mostly in flashback, somehow still manages an elegiac tone, and demonstrates that there were some good times in there somewhere. The original Broadway play was written specifically for her, and she oversaw its adaptation with the support of Howard Hughes. Julia Stiles delivers maximum snark and Heath Ledger is his bad-boy best alongside a cherubic Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this high school Shakespeare adaptation, featuring angsty adolescent poetry, pop-punk perfection on the soundtrack, and the ugliest prom dress ever.

10 romance movies

She gets a makeover and a white knight fairytale ending, he discovers true love and a new perspective on relationships. His tour-de-force performance is larger than life: The result was five Oscars including Best Picture from 10 nominations, all of them well-earned. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind With a Charlie Kaufman script and Michel Gondry behind the camera, Eternal Sunshine dispenses with romantic conventions for ponderous ruminations on love, memory, and painful emotion. Beyond the jazz-splaining is a charming, toe-tapping and yes, swooningly romantic musical — just beware its heart-shattering encore. Katharine Hepburn is the Methodist missionary who convinces rough-and-ready captain Humphrey Bogart to refit his steamboat for a dangerous journey down the Ulanga River for a torpedo attack against the Germans. Its central love story is bittersweet, with a sacrificial pay-off that only bolsters its emotional impact. John Cusack is the instantly iconic Lloyd Dobler, while Ione Skye is more than a capable romantic foyle. Before Sunset Leave it to Richard Linklater to experiment with the format and find something new to say about how love evolves across the years. The titular Canadian slacker literally fights off the past lovers of new beau Ramona Flowers, facing off against her seven evil exes in Street Fighter-inspired brawls where the ultimate special moves are the powers of love and self-respect. Up Pixar quietly delivers emotional devastation in the opening five minutes of Up, a mini-masterpiece of an ordinary, extraordinary love-filled lifetime between soulmates Carl and Ellie. Dirty Dancing Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze's sizzling chemistry steams up the screen in this eighties banger-laden ode to summer flings, pissing off your parents, and doing whatever it takes to end up in the ludicrously buff arms of a fit dance instructor. Four Weddings and a Funeral delivers on the bittersweet promise of its title, balancing foul-mouthed dialogue with chocolate box London locales, all topped off with a rain-soaked feel-good finale. Husbands will eventually cheat on you with younger mistresses? The end of the affair is enough to leave you with more than just a speck of dust in your eye. Plus the final scene with Bill Nighy and his manager is guaranteed to thaw a frozen heart! Lemmon is CC Baxter, currying favour with his bosses by letting use his pad as their spot for liaisons. The pair make a pact to meet at the top of the Empire State Building after six months if they still like each other, but Terry misses the reunion after being hit by a car. Theirs is a carefully drawn connection, shot in sun-dappled, beautiful countryside locales. La La Land There are two romances going on here: But upon meeting elevator operator Fran Kubelik and saving her life, complicated love blossoms. And without the pottery. The Philadelphia Story A triumphant comeback for Katharine Hepburn after a string of disappointments. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore can. The Notebook The high-water mark of Nicholas Sparks adaptations, this sweeping weepie aims firmly for the tear-ducts.

10 romance movies

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